April 13, 2023


In the UK, on average, 817 houses are broken into each day, meaning that thousands of people face the consequences of a burglary every day, including financial damage and emotional distress.

A burglary takes place every 106 seconds in the UK. Burglary statistics show that the UK has a serious problem with domestic burglary. A UK home is broken into every 106 seconds, i.e., one home in less than two minutes.

When & How? Timing and point of entry are essential components of burglaries. So showing when most burglaries occur and how the burglar manages to gain entry to the property is vital.

Source: The Eco Experts

So, what can you do to keep your property and family safe, and prevent becoming one of these unhappy statistics? 
Here are 3 important steps you can take.

1. Lockable Gates

The first line of defence for any home is a sturdy front (and side) fence with a secure and lockable gate.To anyone casing your property from the street, the existence of a locked gate is going to raise the difficulty, risk, and time it’ll take to attempt a burglary, three things likely to deter a world-be thief. 
In addition to repelling undesirable access to your property, lockable gates also ensure the people and pets you love are safe from street traffic and stranger-danger. 
For greatest peace of mind, look for a quality gate system made from durable materials, that’s been rigorously tested to withstand tough treatment, and guaranteed to last for at least 10 years.

2. No place to hide

As much as having a lush garden is a gorgeous addition to a home, the important thing is to ensure your front door and pathway don’t become overgrown or obscured from the street. By providing a clear line of sight to the street and minimising places where thieves could obscure themselves when in your front yard, you can dramatically reduce the risk of break-in. It doesn’t mean you need to cut down every plant in your yard.
Just keep things well-kept and tidy.

3. Install a security system

Security systems including alarms, or even gate latches with alarms, motion-sensor lights, and cameras are a growing industry in the UK.
And with many insurance companies offering discounts on premiums for properties with a security system installed, it’s little wonder.

How effective is a home security system?
According to The Eco Experts, 63% of burglaries occurred in homes where a basic security system was NOT installed.
In comparison, this drops to only 23% of homes burgled, when they have at least a basic home security system.



D&D Technologies manufactures the world’s most trusted gate hardware products, including the award winning MagnaLatch® and LokkLatch®, designed to keep pets, property, and people safe for more than 30 years. Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions we get about gate safety, with the information you need to create a more secure home for your family today:

1. How can a lockable latch on my gate prevent burglaries?
Research shows that even the appearance of a locked gate or security camera can be enough to deter burglars. They are more likely to target a home that doesn’t have any visible protective barriers.

2. How can a gate keep my family safe?
Being in the gate hardware business for over 30 years you can be assured our quality tested, properly fitted locks will stay secure until you decide to open it. Your children, pets, and possessions will stay safe and secure at all times.

3. Will a gate keep my dogs safe?
A properly installed gate fitted with a reliable, lockable latch and self-closing hinges will ensure that your four-legged friends remain loyally by your side. While your dog may be trained, if you don’t have a gate or security fence installed, your pets are vulnerable to traffic, thieves, or diseases. If pets escape you could also be liable for hefty fines from council or worse if your pet causes damage or injury to others. Take care of man’s best friend by keeping them safe at all times.

4. Won’t my children be able to open the gate?
Our latches are designed to keep unwanted visitors out and those you love safely in. Whether it’s a pool fence or front gate, our locks are designed to be unlocked only by an adult. We designed our locks this way, so that you always have peace of mind – with a correctly installed gate lock, your children are kept safe from passing cars, inquisitive neighbourhood or passing dogs and unwelcome attention from strangers.

5. Can I install a lock myself?
Our locks are so easy to install. We provide easy-to-follow installation guides as well as simple animations on our website to assist with DIY projects. You’re then able rest easy knowing you are keeping your loved ones safe.

6. How long will a lock last?
D&D products are made from industrial-strength polymers and super strong stainless-steel components. They are guaranteed to never rust, sag, break or bind. With a lifetime warranty, it’s little wonder we’re the world’s most trusted gate hardware brand.


To find the right D&D Technologies lock, latch, or hinge for your home, view our products page or contact us here.

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