This product is so good, it should be selling itself.

— Our Customers

“Whenever I’m installing gates I try to use D&D’s gate latches and hinges.
I like simple-to-use products that work, and work every time.”

Steve Andreasen –Word Of Mouth Fencing

“I use D&D latches on my gates because I don’t want any callbacks. I’m particular and precise in my work, and I encourage my staff to think the same way.”

Chris Pinks – Fine Fencing

”Stocking Australian Made products is a big selling point for us. Telling our customers they’re locally made goes a long way in getting them over the line.”

Malcolm Earnshaw – H&G Brookvale

“When the MagnaLatch® ALERT brochure arrived in the mail we said ‘This is our security solution’. “It’s impressive, a great invention. It makes so much sense to have a simple beep and flashing light notify that our gates have been opened.”

Jen Reid –Keithcot Farm Childcare Centre

“I specialise in quality, custom-made wood gates for front entrances and driveways, that need to endure a lifetime of use”. I’ve used most of the range over the years, but it’s the LokkLatch DELUXE that I find ideal for my line of joinery gates.”

Mike Bird – Artistic gates and Fences

“Although it has built-in electronic alarms I soon discovered it’s as easy to install as any other MagnaLatch. 
In fact, it took us longer to remove the old mechanical gate latches than it did to install the three new MagnaLatch ALERTs.”

Peter May – Fencing World